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Slave Trade Route
Come join us as we continue the journey that one of the great missionary David Livingstone started.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mt. Kilimanjaro – the “rooftop of Africa”: The tallest free-standing mountain in the World, and home of one of the World’s most challenging treks. Even in ideal weather, your chances of reaching the summit are never 100%. Combine the thrill of being near, or (if you choose) even on this miracle mountain, with the thrill of hearing souls cry out to God for grace and mercy. Interested? Check out this trip »

Launch Out Mission Hospital
Are you a church or a group looking for something that you can do to impact a village? This a good trip for you to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Kenya to Zanzibar Island
This place puts the meaning to the Swahili word Safari which means journey. After a few days you will realize why it is referred to as the East African Adventure land. Our ministry here will involve orphanage visits, Village ministry-VBS, dramas, songs and time will be set aside for kids ministry (so get out the air bubbles and stickers).
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This motto is indicative of our passion for souls. Our friendly staff will encourage you to fulfill or find God's calling in your life. When you come on a trip with us you will see first hand what we are doing in these places. The ministry has a Orphanage in Kalomo, Life center in Botswana and building a hospital in Zambia. At the orphanage and the Life Center we are teaching people life skills to help like plumbing, electrical, making clothes, different forms of farming etc. As a group you can come and help at one of these projects, pick a trip from our regular trips or contact the office for a custom trip.
1. Pray for God to direct you to a trip that He wants you to go as you can see we have tons of them or contact us for custom trip.
2. Contact the office for a group application.
3. After we receive your applications we will contact you within three business days.
4. Answer the Launch Out mission question HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO GO?

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